Office Partitions

GMP specializes in the supply and installation of office partitions. GMP office partitions Office-Partitionsare fully relocatable and demountable monoblock systems. With numerous design options available, flexible solutions can be offered to meet all client requirements.GMPhave two ranges in office partitions:

  • octa-P
  • hexa-P

Our demountable office partition systems are suitable for all types of office applications and offer a diverse range of panel options. Panel options range fromsolid to mid, half and full height single glazed and mid, half and full height double glazing complete with integral venetian blinds.

Various aesthetic formats can be achieved employing standard details, with alternative jointing methods, finishes, skirting and head details.

  • Octa-P (Double Glazed Office Partitions)

The double glazed (Octa-P range) of office partitions is used for a better noise-reduction and other features like the integrated blinds etc.

Below is the details of sections used:


  • Hexa-P (Single Glazed Office Partitions)

The single glazed partitions (Hexa-P range) is suitable for general offices with below 34details of sections: