Bio Safety Cabinet

BiosafeTM is designed to provide personnel, environmental and product protection. Air Bio-safety Cabinetflow is drawn around the operator into the front grille of the cabinet, which provides personnel protection.

In addition, the downward laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air provides product protection by minimizing the chance of cross-contamination along the work surface of the cabinet. Because cabinet air passes through the exhaust HEPA filter, it is contaminant-free (environmental protection).

All Class II cabinets are designed for work involving microorganisms assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3. Class II cabinets provide the microbe-free work environment necessary for cell culture propagation, and also may be used for the formulation of nonvolatile antineoplastic or hemotherapeutic drugs.

BiosafeTM is available in powder coated Mild Steel, SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L or a combination of both.


General Specifications

Two Stage filtration

  • EU6 – Intermediate Filter (95% down to 6 micron)
  • EU14 – HEPA Filter – Supply / Exhaust (99.999% down to 0.3 micron)

Statically & Dynamically balanced Motor-blower with suspension arrangement to reduce noise level

Double walled flushed Glass Side Panels

SS 304 work table with perforations at front & back which can be removed occasionally for

cleaning purpose

1-piece fully openable sliding toughened glass front door with counterweight arrangement

Sealed Fluorescent Lights with Milky White Diffuser

Differential Pressure Gauges : 2 Nos.

ON/OFF Switches for motor & Lights

Clean Down Timer with Operation HOLD indicator

Alarm triggers in case front door is raised more than 8” (i.e. safe clear opening during operation)

DOP Test Port

5/15 Amp Switch Socket for external equipment

SS 304 stands with leveling lugs

SS 304 1 ft long elbow duct for exhaust

Operating Conditions

Air cleanliness : ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E))

Air Velocities : 0.45 ± 0.05 mps

Air Flow : Vertical – Recirculatory

Noise Level : Less than 67 dB

Vibration Level : Minimum

Light intensity : > 300 lux

POWER SUPPLY : 230V AC 1-Ø 50HZ / 415V AC 3-Ø 50HZ

Options and Accessories

A wide range of configurations to suit any containment application :

  • Night Mode Operation
  • Filter blocked alarms (audible and visible)
  • Velocity display with alarms (audible and visible)
  • Explosion proof electrics for Flame-proof applications
  • Once through System
  • Front doors with Glove arrangement
  • Transfer hatch for material movement
  • PLC based Control System
  • Safe change Bag in/Bag out arrangement for filters